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Country Tough

Collectors Edition Country Tough Colton Kiso Knife

Collectors Edition Country Tough Colton Kiso Knife

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Collectors edition Country Tough Colton Kiso Knife. There are only 100 available. 

This is a hand forged knife by Colton Kiso who is a first generation blade smith, self taught from age 11. He competed on the TV show Forged Under Fire at the age of 19 and won second place. 

The knife blade is made from railroad rails. The handle is made from the original barn wood from Von Holten Ranch stabilized with resin for a smooth finish. Each knife has their own individual number. The knife numbers range from 001-100. 

Yellow is included in the knife because in mounted archery yellow is a bullseye. Yellow is also the color of gold, which connects back to Brandy Von Holten's olympic Tae Kwon Do background the spanned over 20 years. Martial arts is what brought Brandy to Missouri, it was the first domino in Brandy and David meeting and the beginning of Von Holten Ranch. 

This is an old skillset, combined with our century old ranch to create a one-of-kind collectors item that cannot be purchased anywhere else. 

Wait time for an order is two months or less. 

Leather sheath is included and is also handmade by Colton Kiso. 


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